"The notifications are almost instant, and the interface has the familiar feel of a native iPhone app." "You only have to login with your Twitter account and boom, every time someone sends you a DM a notification arrives on the iPhone. Effective and fast." "Insanely fast push notifications...Polished and clean interface, similar to that of the iPhone's default Messages.app."
- Macworld Australia - MacStories - Simple Reviews
  • Still the same incredibly fast push notifications. Use Twitter instead of text messages!
  • New! All new chat view with beautiful bubble graphics
  • New! Use Dropbox to share photos privately
  • New! Delete and email messages
  • New! Chat bubble colors are fully customizable
  • Integrates with your iPhone's contact list
  • New! View buddy pictures in the inbox and in conversations
  • New! Copy-and-paste messages
  • New! Search your inbox for messages
  • New! Mark all messages as read with one tap
  • Still incredibly simple and easy to use
  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts

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A beautiful and powerful Twitter client
with lightning fast push notifications.

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Background location tracking for iPhone.

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